NY Spurs support the High line

Photo courtesy of Time Out NY

Photo courtesy of Time Out NY


NY Spurs suppor the high line by adopting lily

Following in the footsteps of Tottenham Hotspur and their support of The High Line during their trip to New York in 2017, NY Spurs has adopted the Foxtail Lily at The High Line

From the High Line's site about the lily: "One of the most asked-about plants in the park, visitors love this striking flower for its showy stalks of golden colored blooms. Look closely, and you’ll see that every flower stalk is composed of hundreds of little bell-shaped blooms. It may be hard to believe, but at around three feet tall, Eremurus stenophyllus is a dwarf compared to other foxtail lily species. The height of this species is perfect for the High Line, where views of the city surrounding the park provide a dramatic backdrop for the bright blooms.

Eremurus stenophyllus can be found on the High Line between West 17th and West 21st Streets. This plant blooms on the High Line in late spring, generally flowering in June. Throughout the summer and into fall, this plant’s height and eye-catching structure add texture to the High Line’s dynamic landscape."

Many thanks to Community Engagement Board Member Katherine Rupp for her research on supporting The High Line.