spurs against nazis

After the violence in Charlottesville last fall, NY Spurs (as well as many other supporters groups across the country) created protest buttons. Inspired by buttons from the 1970's, we proudly proclaim that we are firmly Spurs Against Nazis.  

The button, as well as history about the period can be found in this short essay by Richard Buckwell.

The buttons were available at matches during the 2017-2018 campaign (there might be a few left if anyone is interested). All total we raised $500 to support the work of the Anti Defamation League.


Warriors Pub Crawl

The yearly tradition continues! Join fellow NY Spurs members as we find something to do during the International Break - we relive the trek of The Warriors from the Bronx to Coney Island (or as far as we all can make it). 

Exact starting point and stops forthcoming. Costumes are highly encouraged!

If you're planning to attend, please RSVP to our Facebook Event - it's also where you'll get up to date info on where the Warrior's will be out to play!

international champions cup 2018


From tottenhamhotspur.com:

The trip marks our third successive participation in the ICC and follows a successful pre-season tour of the US to compete in the tournament last year.

The ICC is due to announce fixtures, dates and venues for all participating teams in this summer’s competition next week.

As a Club, we are rightfully proud of our passionate and loyal following across North America which includes 65 Official Supporters Clubs across the region, more than any other Premier League team.

Throughout every tour, we seek to engage at grassroots level through our comprehensive and authentic youth coaching programmes, as well as immersing ourselves in the local culture.As always we shall look to provide our fans with a host of opportunities to see the team up close through our range of supporter and community events, details of which shall be announced in the lead up.

Chairman Daniel Levy said: “This summer’s tour will be the sixth time in nine years that we have toured the US and we are all excited to be returning again later this year.

“Our following in North America has grown considerably during this time with the number of Official Supporters Clubs alone more than quadrupling.

“We are grateful to have such strong support in the US and we are fully aware of the sacrifices they make to watch us play at any hour of the day.  We look forward to showing them our appreciation when we visit this summer.

“The 2018-19 season is set to be an historic one for our Club with the opening of our new world-class stadium and this tour will provide the ideal preparation for Mauricio and the team.”

You can follow all the news of our tour on tottenhamhotspur.com/spursinusa/ and across all of the Club’s social channels using the hashtag #SpursInUSA.

nyspurs LibertyBird BLUE.jpg

New nyspurs.com

From Chairperson Matt Land:

Welcome to the new NYSpurs.com! After 12 years of our old site we felt it was finally time to update and move to something more befitting of our supporters club. Some of the things you remember from the old site are here, some of them had outlived their usefulness. Know that this is still a work in progress and we'll keep at making it better.

I just want to point out one of the best parts of our new site - the fixtures calendar. We're working hard to not only keep it up to date with time/date changes and the additional cup matches, but to also make sure each and everyone has it's own discussion board

Click any fixture on the calendar for the entire season and find a Disqus board where members can banter about matches, ask questions, make predictions, or see who's traveling over to the new stadium. Disqus is free and registration is easy, just click any of the boards. I know it's not the old forum you're used to, but in order to build a new website we had to move forward without it. Know that we're considering alternatives and working to figure out how we can bring it back (if we can).

We're also able to keep recent posts from our social media streams on the site, and if you don't follow us I encourage you all to take a moment and do so. 

Last but not least, we're having our Annual General Meeting on 22 July at 1PM at Flannery's. I realize this is likely short notice for many of you, but after looking at the World Cup schedule, the Spurs US Tour schedule, and the approaching Premier League season, the current board thought that this would be the best date. If you have proxy votes you'd like to cast for any position or person, please send them to nyspurs@gmail.com or post them on our Facebook.

Thanks for a great year, and see you all at Flannery's. COYS.